Hawaii Military Life - Should I Buy or Rent a Home in Hawaii?

Deciding whether to rent or buy can seem like a daunting task. Managing investment risk with your 3-4 year+ PCS assignment must be thought through. When our military clients have trouble deciding whether to buy or rent, it often can be worked out with a simple pros and cons list!

What You Need to Know about Buyer Closing Costs

Hawaii Buyers are often perplexed as to what the closing costs associated with their real estate purchase actually are. The following line item explanations should help shed more light on what is a sometimes is a complicated aspect of the real estate purchase.

Flowers, Palms, Pools and Homes in Ewa Beach - Oahu

Oahu's Ewa Beach is a popular area for home buyers. The homes in Ewa Beach are relatively new, what many people desire, and with the help of the Hawaii sunshine, the vegetation is lush and green in every community.

Many Oahu VA Buyers/Sellers Left Shut Out

Real estate is a business in which you can learn something new almost daily. This is not a craft that is black and white with a simple, defined path. The islands' second largest industry behind tourism in Hawaii is the military.

HURRY - NEW Ho'opili Townhomes in Ewa Beach - Lottery Deadline April 27, 2018 for Building 11

New townhomes in Ho'opili are now released for sale. Due to demand for new townhomes in Ewa Beach, the process of purchasing one of the units is going to be done by a lottery. The lottery process is a way for the builder (DR Horton) to be fair and for all applicants to have an equal opportunity for acquiring one of the townhomes.