Here are some of the ways Hawai’i Life Agents help you achieve success with your VA Home Loan...



We will help you by recommending a qualified and competent VA Home Loan Lender who will outline for you the general rules for eligibility and assist you through the process of obtaining a certificate of eligibility.


We will help you define your needs and wishes and find you a property meets your needs and also qualifies for the VA Home Loan purchase. Our agents are aware of the VA loan minimum property requirements, VA approved buildings, VA Loan Requirements, and VA Appraisal guidelines.


We will help by writing a VA loan friendly purchase contract, which will be positively received by the lender and the seller, enhancing your chances of success. We’ll ensure you are pre-approved for the loan prior to contract submission. We’ll complete a comparative market analysis on the property to ensure fair value is offered.


We help with a home inspection that will make sure your property is in line with the VA's Minimum Property Requirements (MPR's). The goal of the MPR's is to provide well-built, economically sound homes for veterans.  Our agents are experienced in common Hawaii problems and how to fix them.


We will work with all parties to facilitate the complicated VA Appraisal Process and ensure necessary actions are taken if required, to overcome problems together. VA Appraisers are looking for Safety, Sanitation, and Structural Integrity issues. We’re here to guide you through every step along the way.



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Hawai’i Life is here to help make sense of the home buying process for the Military in Hawai’i.

We are your personal source for information and assistance. We work with you and leading lenders in the VA Loan industry to help military buyers access the most powerful lending program on the market.




Download 2016 BAH and VA Loan sheets for up-to-date information about the benefits eligible to military members and their families. Contact us, we’ll be happy to explain your benefits and available to you in Hawaii.

Download BAH and VA Loan Sheets