Flowers, Palms, Pools and Homes in Ewa Beach - Oahu

Ewa Beach

Oahu's Ewa Beach is a popular area for home buyers. The homes in Ewa Beach are relatively new, what many people desire, and with the help of the Hawaii sunshine, the vegetation is lush and green in every community. Palms, shrubs, and flowers fill in spaces between the homes, making each neighborhood cozy and welcoming. In the Spring, it almost looks like Fall along a few of the neighborhoods, but instead of falling leaves, the streets and sidewalks are covered in fragrant flowers. This is Hawaii!

Hundreds of flowers cover a street in front of homes in Ewa Beach.

Ewa Beach Landscaping

Although much of Ewa Beach has newer homes, it doesn't take long for the landscaping to look lush and green. With warm weather and plenty of sunshine, plants thrive year round. I'm a sucker for palm trees. I personally love them and love seeing all kinds of palms in the area. They can be found all over Oahu, and are often incorporated into the front and backyard landscaping of homes. Palms are just one of many plans and shrubs that thrive in the West Oahu environment. Of course, plants don't get big overnight, so if the home is a little bit older, the community will look a lot more green in comparison to a brand new community. However, if you desire to have a green and landscaped yard, Ewa Beach is a great location for a tropical backyard.

Palm in front of House

Beautiful lush vegetation, including many palm trees, surrounds homes in Ewa Beach.

Ewa Beach Homes With Pools

Unlike in Honolulu, where private backyard pools are common, they are not as common in Ewa Beach. Ewa Beach residents who live in one of many communities with neighborhood pools, can still, however, enjoy swimming and splashing around in the water. Many of the Ewa Beach homes come with access to large community pools. These pools are for the use of residents of that particular community. So if a pool is a must have, they are definitely available and fun.

Search Ewa Beach Homes with Pools


Many communities in Ewa Beach have pools for the enjoyment of the residents.

A Laid Back Community BUT...

As popular as the homes are in Ewa Beach, the area is actually very laid back and serene. Main streets, like Fort Weaver Road, can get busy, but off the main track, the communities themselves are quiet, tastefully landscaped, and have beautiful homes throughout. Many residents who choose to live in West Oahu are attracted to suburbs atmosphere, where weekend BBQs are plentiful, and the Oahu island life is a little bit slower.

Don't get fooled by the Ewa Beach tranquility when searching for your next property. Ewa Beach homes are popular with buyers, and competition for properties can be fierce. Be prepared to get competitive too! Make sure that you have your financing in order, be ready to view homes as they come on the market, and most of all, be ready to make strong offers, especially when competing for the same home with other Buyers.


The majority of homes in Ewa Beach are in serene and scenic neighborhoods.

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