Want To Be Featured on HGTV's "Hawaii Life" Show?

If you’re fed up with winters on the mainland and have been looking to escape your current lifestyle in exchange for year-round 80-degree weather, you’ve probably considered moving to Hawaii. Well...if that plan is coming to fruition soon for you, and you are planning to buy a home here, read on. Chances are that you’re familiar with the HGTV reality show Hawaii Life, which coincidentally is the name of our real estate brokerage company, Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers (we existed before the show).

Hawaii Life features buyers living on all the main Hawaiian Islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island. We’re a statewide company, so HGTV showcases the landscape, qualities, and activities specific to each island and to each buyer. The success of the show has been so phenomenal that HGTV is doing yet another casting call for 2 new seasons in 2016.


The Hawaii Life film crew with my buyers Zack and Amy

Filming Hawaii Life

Getting ready for the decision scene


The production van ready to roll


Getting the camera ready for the driving scene

What is HGTV Looking For?

If you’ve seen a few of the Hawaii Life episodes, you will notice a common theme among all buyers. Most have recently moved to Hawaii, and truly enjoy the culture and climate of the islands. Many are tired of the hustle and bustle of their previous lives, and seek a more laid-back lifestyle, which usually involves outdoor activities. Buyers that are chosen are typically outgoing, energetic, and “fun,” and they desire to live and breathe the Hawaii Life.

Seems a little corny, but being in real estate for 10 years, I have seen many buyers who fit this profile. Another buyer type featured in the show are Military members who recently got relocated (PCS) to Oahu, and are wisely going to leverage their government housing allowance and no down payment VA loan to purchase property.

The primary criteria to be considered is that you are able to be in Hawaii for the 3 filming days if you don’t live here yet, and that you are pre-approved and ready to buy a home in 2016. Filming goes from February through September, depending on the island. There are 26 planned episodes in 2016, so if you want to be featured on Hawaii Life, check out my previous blog and contact me or HGTV asap.