Talk Story #54 - The City of Honolulu Offers a Unique Blend of Culture, History, and Way of Life

Is Hawaii a place for you to retire to? Is it time for a new career position? Military? Good news for those who want to see more of Hawaii with Real Estate on their mind. Internet and TV programs all help in making a major decision on "where or which island?" Starting with the island of Oahu, yes, it is our state capitol and center of commerce...but it is so much more.

Oahu History

As in other countries, there is history and change on Oahu. We have the USA's only historic palace and buildings where the Kingdom of Hawaii Royalty ruled the lands.

King Kamehameha

King Kamehameha - The King who consolidated all the islands as a Kingdom

Hawaii was long recognized as a Nation throughout the world, even to voting in their 'yea' in the Washington DC International Conference, making the decision for accepting Greenwich Meridian Time official in 1884. In the garden at the Greenwich, England Observatory, I came across a small bronze plaque and was pleasantly surprised to see Hawaii noted on it, along with the United States.

The Countries voting for Longitude Time starting

Greenwich, England - Longitude and our time today was accepted by Hawaii in 1884

There is so much to learn about Hawaii and I enjoy the thought of being a part of it all. One of the symbols and instant recognition is famous Le'ahi, Diamond Head - always a welcome sight for those arriving by plane or ship.

Le'ahi  or the famous Diamond Head from the Waikiki side

Le'ahi or the famous Diamond Head from the Waikiki side

Oahu has the major military bases with their very serious world wide importance, universities, and a blend of cultures living side by side. The City of Honolulu and all the high rise density of office/commercial/condo-residential buildings often dwarf the still striking territorial buildings and churches of long ago.

Skyscrapers,old Territorial bldgs and the Ko'olau mts.

Oahu Traffic

Traffic - ahhh, did I have to include that? Yes...I must tell the truth! It is a small island with a high population and is a major location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Vitality plus...BUT, in contrast, there are also the lovely mountains and valleys where one can find the more quaint older towns, a slower pace and wide, sandy beaches.

Out by Mokule'ia -NW Oahu

Hang loose in a rural setting with a wide beach all to yourself

Warning! Multitudes do rush out to watch the North Shore mega waves pound in and the experienced surfers daring to conquer them, making everyone's adrenalin racing.  

Let's Talk Story!

It is time! The market is rising in the more popular locations, interest rates continue to be low, start enjoying living life to the me and let’s ‘Talk Story’ (a friendly discussion or chat) over what you are looking for and your parameters.

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With warm Aloha,

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