Talk Story #42 - Waikiki Beach Sand Replenishment Completion

It is Now the Merry Month of May, and I Bring You Some Good News!

Since March, my Talk Story articles #34, #35, #37 and #38 have been following the estimated $2.5 million project to return the disappearing beach of Waikiki to its former splendor. Kama'aina's and visitors alike have been closely watching the process.

Tractor spreading the new sand

Well, State Department of Land and Natural Resources spokesperson, Deborah Ward, announced that all the sand replacement between the Kuhio beach area (where the Duke Kahanamoku statue is located) and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is now pau (completed/finished/done).

The deconstructing of the large de-watering basin in the east Kuhio swim section will commence, and then finally, no longer will there be the heavy tractor and equipment noise along this particular area of our famous landmark. No more periodic fencing of different sections and a required refraining from swimming and use. Word is that everyone was just happy to see something being done and not minding the inconvenience that much.

Relaxing at Waikiki

Of course, it is too soon to tell whether the improved areas will experience a continued loss of sand, especially at certain times of the year when larger wave action starts pulling at all that nice new sand. Time will tell.

Prime hotel beach areas still eroded

In actuality, the splendid, long stroll on a wide, white sand beach once enjoyed may be something of the past to just remember or read about. For walking further west along the shoreline toward the Fort DeRussy ocean side park, it is still a different story. The beach becomes quite narrow or is literally gone in sections, with the ocean lapping up next to the boundary walls and used now for walking along, past several hotels.  

Over all though, this sand activity has been a real step forward for Hawaii. Trying to return this world renown beach to its symbolic and beautiful state...even though the ocean continues to strive otherwise! Come see for yourself!

Why Not Make Your Own Hawaii Memories?

It is now May, and I remember back when I was a child during the Territorial years, the charming pageants, often great 'events', put on by the children of long ago and still today. I attended a private "High English" standard (we had to wear shoes - among other prerequisites) grade school named "Island Paradise" located on Piikoi St. lower Makiki, here on Oahu.

One year, for May Day, I was very happy and proud to be asked to represent this island. I still have a box, long saved, with a deep gold-yellow holo-muumuu  in it. It was sewn by my mother and it was fitted and had the longer train in back and I had to walk and dance very carefully, so not to trip.

All the islands were represented by their Royal Court and respective colors and all the children brought bags of flowers (to make their own leis) and sang songs, especially "May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii" while proud parents watched and smiled. I wish I had a picture from that wondrous time. Many adult pageants are held throughout the year with good reason; Hawaii has a rich heritage and it is to be preserved. It is a unique lifestyle and treasured even in this world of high technology.

Let's "Talk Story"

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Note: In Hawaii, there is often a gathering of family and friends, and in a casual way stories are told of present and past happenings. We call it “Talk Story.” My continued series are about different places around Oahu with a bit of their history, and the opportunities for you today. I would love to hear about your personal Hawaii memories to share, perhaps during the territorial days, like I was, growing up out ‘Koko Head’ way. Hawaii is a special place and so are the people. Follow me as we discover a lifestyle best suited for YOU. Whether it is a new military move, a casual beach house, a downsized retirement home, a golf course fronted resort home-away-from-home, a grand residence with superb view, or a high rise condominium...the choices and the Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers resources are many.