The Kaneohe Bay Air Show 2010 - Celebrating the Military in Oahu

five U.S. military planes flying in a triangle formation Blue Angels over Oahu

Living in Hawaii, we are very aware of the U.S. military presence, especially on Oahu.

In Oahu, we enjoy many economic opportunities due to the outreach of the U.S. military, and I feel thankful for its dedication to protecting America.

The Kaneohe Bay Air Show 2010 begins today. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to witness its "dress rehearsal." Wow! There I was, leaning on a fence and grabbing for my camera, when a F-22 Raptor Fighter aircraft rolled in and zoomed up into the sky, maneuvering in unbelievable ways.

Lucky I live in Hawaii? You bet I am, and you can, too.

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